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Yoga History

You will learn about the life of more than twenty illuminated masters. You will know the most important scriptures, and how the evolution of humankind and the Science of Yoga are interconnected.

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Patanjali & The Yoga Sutras

The practice of Master Patanjali and the eight branches of Raja Yoga. What are they, exactly? We are going to explore the core of the Yoga Sutras, and how to integrate this wisdom in everything we do.

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Bhagavad Gita

The life and teachings of Sri Krishna, the master who gave us the first three ways of Yoga. In this lesson, you will learn the heart and soul of the most beautiful Yoga texts of all times. The Bhagavad Gita.

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Essential Practices

The actual practices to bring infinite light to every cell of your body. The energy body, the obstacles on the way, and  how to use prana to become a positive influence to yourself and the entire planet.

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    Balance and energize your Chakras in this powerful Binaural Sound Guided Meditation.

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Chakra Balancing and Energizing

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What The Students Are Saying...

Very greateful of having received this teachings in such a complete, effective and original way, as near as possible to the true Yoga way. I will continue working to keep up with the high level you made me reach with your generosity, wisdom and love for us all.

Ellena Zeppo

My friend and brother Bira, thank you for rekindling the sacred fire again. I feel incredibly good after your amazing workshop and recommend anyone to get in touch with this fun, effective and easy way of Hatha Yoga.

Erik van Doorn

There are really no words to describe how I am feeling after this past weekend, after attending such an amazing Hatha Yoga workshop with Ubiratan Gonzaga. My eyes, heart and soul have been opened  and awakened to my future life as a yogini.

KP Pixie

Thank you Bira for a a very inspirational day yesterday! I feel I'm a different person after the Yoga workshop!

Tatiana Gibson

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Bira is a yogi, author, Yoga instructor and the creator of the Ancient School of Yoga. He spent 18 years in spiritual practices, and his life in the Himalayas brought him into contact with yogis of profound knowledge.

He already gave classes and workshops in Spain, Scotland, England, Ireland, India, Germany, Brazil, Greece, Russia, Holland and Belgium.

He is currently giving classes in Germany. For more info visit the website.



Download Your Free Meditation

Chakra Balancing and Energizing

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